Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New instrument helps speed up genotyping

A new instrument for analyzing DNA and RNA is now helping advance rice research at IRRI.
The fragment analyzer, now in use at IRRI’s new Genotyping Services Lab (GSL), helps improve the genotyping of molecular markers linked to specific rice traits that can be used to breed better varieties. It does capillary electrophoresis and can run 96 samples in about 90 minutes, and is thus expected to speed up laboratory work.
Michael Thomson, molecular geneticist and marker applications specialist at IRRI, said that they decided on the fragment analyzer after careful review. “The instrument met our critical requirements, which are mainly throughput and reduced hands-on time to improve laboratory workflow and, ultimately, reduce the time it takes to get results.”

The installation of the fragment analyzer is part of a larger effort to upgrade facilities for the GSL. The instrument was supplied by a U.S.-based Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. Website http://gsl.irri.org/

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