Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IRRI takes part in local festival, environment gig

Los Baños Mayor Caesar Perez commended IRRI for its sustainable waste management and environment-friendly practices in a speech he gave before residents and local government staff to celebrate Pista ng Kapaligiran (Feast of the Environment) on 7 September 2013.

In another speech during the civic parade and program of the Bañamos festival, the Mayor also made a special mention of IRRI, which he thanked for its contribution to livelihood activities and local employment, both of which have helped improve the town's economy.

A contingent led by Deputy Director General for Communication and Partnerships V. Bruce J. Tolentino joined the parade on 17 September that opened the week-long celebration of Bañamos.

Bañamos was started 12 years ago to commemorate the colorful history and culture of the town of Los Baños, which means “the baths.”

The festival emphasizes celebration of the place’s natural wonders and local products and showcases residents’ community spirit and pride. It features a trade fair, street dancing, singing contests, a buko pie-eating contest, band performances, fun runs, and others. The week-long celebration is held every year starting on the 17th and attracts thousands of tourists, guests, and media coverage.

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