Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IRRI’s head of research shares about career path with young researchers

The Young Researchers Lunch (YRL) meeting hosted Achim Dobermann, IRRI's deputy director general for research, on 22 August 2013, during which he described his education and career path to some of IRRI’s young scientists. His story emphasized the importance of having dynamic professors who encourage students to pursue a certain field, as well as having the time for exploratory learning as part of research activities.

Participants in the August YRL were Nikos Tsakirpaloglou, Khondoker Mottaleb, Shanta Karki, Man Marcaida, Yvette Naredo, and Ranee Mabesa.

The YRL is a monthly meeting of IRRI scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and scholars who are in the early stages of their career. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for discussion with senior scientists on a range of research topics, including career paths.

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