Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Local residents affected by typhoon get help from IRRI personnel

IRRI employees responded quickly to a call for relief goods for those affected by Habagat (monsoon) rains exacerbated by Typhoon Maring in August 2013.

Sacks of rice, canned food, milk, coffee, hygiene products, and clothing were turned over to residents of Barangay Lalakay who were staying in evacuation centers because their homes were destroyed by mudslides. Donated goods were likewise distributed to households in Barangay Malinta, where houses were partly still partly flooded. Both barangays are located in Los BaƱos, Laguna.
The Host Country and Community Relations office (HCCRO) team, which organized the relief operation, is also currently extending assistance to residents of flooded areas in barangays Tagumpay and San Antonio in Bay, Laguna.

Residents and local government officials have thanked IRRI’s HCCRO and Neighborhood Emergency Services Team for immediate and efficient monitoring and disaster response, including management of the evacuation center, during the monsoon rains that lasted for several days.

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