Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IRRI opens Myanmar office

A decades-long collaboration just got a new home.

The IRRI-Myanmar Office was inaugurated on 12 September 2013 with IRRI’s Deputy Director General for Communication and Partnerships V. Bruce J. Tolentino and Myanma Department of Agriculture Deputy Director General Aung Kyi cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

Dr. Tolentino reiterated IRRI’s commitment to help Myanmar achieve its goals of becoming a major player in the global rice market and expressed hope that the country, with the help of IRRI, will use its rich resources in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner.

Dr. Kyi, for his part, recalled the pride of being a former top exporter of rice, and said that Myanmar is set to reclaim that standing. He also thanked IRRI for being a steadfast partner in the past decades.

Dr. Kyi and Dr. Tolentino were joined by IRRI-Myanmar Liaison Scientist Madonna Casimero, IRRI National Programs Relations Head Julian Lapitan, Donor Relations and Project Coordination Head Corinta Guerta, as well as representatives from donor organizations, employees of the Myanma Department of Agriculture, and staff members from IRRI Headquarters and the IRRI-Myanmar Office.

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