Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pakistan: CSISA reaches out to farmers outside the Hub

Cholistan Plantation, a privately owned company, is undertaking commercial agriculture in Bahawalpur in the southern Punjab. It has acquired a large area from the government for the purpose and is growing wheat, cotton, rice, and sugarcane. A 50-acre block is under rice, 9 acres of which are direct-seeded (DSR) through broadcast method.

CSISA-Pakistan, providing assistance to the company, initially recommended 'zero-till' (DSR). Due to poor field leveling, however, reduced tillage approach was instead used. The field was leveled after irrigation and the crop was broadcast-sown.

The crop is growing well and is comparable to a nursery-planted crop. A few acres of DSR planted early in the season (early June) are outperforming the transplanted crop. This constitutes the first experience of Cholistan Plantation in a new endeavor, and its management is happy with the crop condition and the ease and reduced cost of crop production. It is now planning a field event in collaboration with CSISA-Pakistan.

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