Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bangladesh: CSISA holds third annual planning meeting

The Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) in Bangladesh held its third planning meeting and annual retreat, attended by fifty-four CSISA employees and guests from India and Nepal.

Presentations were made by CSISA leaders (Systematic change, by Christian Portal, chief of party; Large working group: Sector logics, by Josh Bryant, monitoring and evaluation leader, and his team; and a discussion led by M.A. Salaque, CSISA-IRRI coordinator), after which further discussion with participants were held.

The meeting and retreat, held at Nazimgarh Resort in Sylhet on 27-30 August 2012, also included activities for relaxation, entertainment, and interaction among the participants, such as a river cruise in Lala Khal on shallow speed boats, to nurture team spirit. 

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