Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IRRI hosts get-together with barangay captains of Bay and Los Baños

IRRI DG Bob Zeigler (center) speaks with local barangay captains,
in a meeting arranged by DDG for Communications
and Partnerships V. Bruce J. Tolentino (standing, left).

IRRI invited barangay captains and local government officers of the municipalities of Bay and Los Baños over for merienda cena on 20 September 2012 to further strengthen relations with these local communities that host the IRRI headquarters.
V. Bruce J. Tolentino, deputy director general for communications and partnerships, briefed the guests on IRRI's research agenda and declared IRRI's continued support to these communities through various partnerships and emergency assistance.

Robert Zeigler, IRRI director general, thanked the local leaders for supporting IRRI as an international organization working for global rice sufficiency, and for helping make Los Baños and Bay peaceful and happy communities for IRRI employees and their families to live in.

Lorilyn Manrique and Olivo Esquivel, local government officers of Bay and Los Baños, respectively, expressed appreciation for IRRI's commitment and support to local governance.

The presidents of the Association of Barangay Captains, Hon. Arthur Panopio (Bay) and Hon. Gaudencio Macatangay (Los Baños), likewise acknowledged IRRI's livelihood and training programs and community projects as having contributed to community transformation.

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