Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IRRI research staff group holds sports festival

The Association of Fellows, Scholars, Trainees, and Residents of IRRI (AFSTRI) held a day-long sports festival at Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort, Batangas, on 1 September 2012.

Eighty members and their spouses and children the event, which was opened by messages from Govinda Rizal, AFSTRI president, and Zilhas Ahmed, AFSTRI sports officer.

There were six games and two optional activities (fun diving, kayaking) prepared for the participants, who divided themselves into four teams: Red, led by Kashif Shahid Aslam, visiting research fellow; Green, led by Zhuang Zhuo, Ph.D. research scholar; Yellow, led by Md. Rafiqul Islam, postdoctoral fellow; and Violet team led by Craig Jameson, Ph.D. research scholar. Grand prizes were chocolate and popcorn.

The grownups weren't the only ones in competition, as a sandcastle-building game was prepared for the kids.

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