Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CSIRO plant scientist is guest in researchers' lunch

Xavier Sirault, an engineer plant scientist working on high-throughput phenotyping technologies at CSIRO, Australia, was guest of the Young Researchers' Lunch for September.

Dr. Sirault described his career path and encouraged the young researchers present—Nurul Hidayatun, James Quilty, Yoichiro Kato, ESMH Rashid, and Reneeliza Jean Melgar—to know their career goals and make a plan. He also described some new phenotyping technologies and the status of phenomics centers in Australia.

The Young Researchers Lunch is a monthly meeting for IRRI scientists who are in the early stages of their career. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for discussion with senior scientists on a range of topics that include science and career paths.

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