Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nuffield Australia scholars visit IRRI

Scholars of Nuffield Australia visited the International Rice Research headquarters to get a general overview of IRRI’s research activities. The seven scholars were welcomed by James Quilty. Dr. Quilty heads the Experiment Station where some of the world's most productive and important rice varieties are developed and first tested.

Dr. Quilty presented an overview of the Institute and discussed current research activities. He also conducted a field tour of IRRI including the Long Term Continuous Cropping Experiment, the world's longest-running rice research project, and the International Rice Genebank, which holds more than 127,000 types of rice, including modern and traditional varieties, and wild relatives of rice. The Nuffield Australia scholars also met with Dr. Noel Magor, head of IRRI’s Training Center.

Nuffield Australia awards scholarships to farmers in Australia to develop potential and promote excellence in all aspects of Australian agricultural production, distribution and management through the adoption of local and international best practices. The scholarship provides the opportunity to study farming practices in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and the Americas and those countries best suited to the scholar. They also promote a closer understanding between farmers in the countries visited. Upon returning to Australia, scholars are expected to actively spread the knowledge and understanding they have gained among their fellow farmers and others.

The Nuffield Australia scholars visited the IRRI headquarters on 8 June.

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