Wednesday, June 17, 2015

J.K. Ladha receives Crop Science Society of America award for outstanding contributions to agronomy

J.K. Ladha, a principal soil scientist and agronomist at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is the recipient of the 2015 International Service in Crop Science Award for his outstanding contributions to agronomy. The award is given by the Crop Science Society of America.

Dr.  Ladha is a recognized authority in science and technology for food security and sustainable management of the world’s major cereal cropping systems. He is also the IRRI representative to India and Nepal, and provides leadership in developing and executing the vision and agenda of the Institutes’s research on crop and resource management in South Asia.

The impact of his research is evident from the number-one rank for number of publications in refereed journals and in h-index for citations in the whole CGIAR system. Dr. Ladha authored or co-authored 209 research articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and 95 in proceedings or books. Currently, Dr. Ladha is the regional editor of the journal Biology and Fertility of Soils.

The award will be formally presented to Dr. Ladha on 17 November during the scientific society’s International Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

View press release: Crop Science Society of America Announces 2015 Award Recipient

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