Thursday, May 15, 2014

Visiting journalists learn rice science, set path toward science communication

Last May 9, 2014, IRRI welcomed 15 delegates of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Centre for Journalism at the Ateneo University de Manila MA Journalism Program and their professor Dr. Inez Ponce de Leon. 

The Media Day was organized by the Communication team and in line with the delegates’ task to produce an output on topics discussing climate-smart rice, high-iron rice, pest-resistant rice & ecological engineering.  
The delegates and representatives from Communication also held a dialogue discussing best practices in science communication.  

One of the delegates, Mr. Aditya Heru Wardhana shared, “My dream came true. I heard about IRRI when I was at elementary school. IRRI is one of the most strategic and important organizations because half of population eats rice.” Mr. Wardhana not only shared his appreciation for the institute, but for the country as well. “The Philippines is a nice country with friendly and smiley people. I found family, not just friends in Philippines.”

The delegates were Mr. Aditya Wardhana (PTV Indonesia), Ms. Susana Arcan (National University), Mr. Jimwel Balunday  (NDRRMC), Ms. Rowena Bumanlag (Carabao Research Center), Ms. Karizza Cumpas (UST), Mr. Rommel David (GMA 7), Mr. Luis de la Vega (Inquirer), Mr. Paterno Esmaquel (Rappler), Mr. Roel Hernandez (National University), Mr. Dandy Koswaraputra (Bloomberg), Mr. Cheng Chooi Teoh (Malaysia), Ms. Victoria Tulad  (GMA 7), Ms. Anna Valmero (Climate Change journalist), Ms. Maria Villaflor, and Ms. Chiara Zambrano (ABS-CBN).

 IRRI experts present were Dr. Glenn Gregorio (Climate-smart rice), Dr, Abdelbagi Ismail (Climate-smart rice), Dr. Jessica Rey (High-iron rice), Ms. Camile Diaz (High-iron rice), Dr. Nancy Castilla (Pest-resistant rice & Ecological engineering), Mr. James Villegas (Pest-resistant rice & Ecological engineering), and Dr. Casiana Vera Cruz (Heirloom rice). 

During lunch, a communication seminar was conducted by Dr. Inez Ponce de Leon. Afterwards, the delegates were given a tour of the International Rice Gene Bank, the Scuba Rice Experimental Plot, and the Riceworld Museum.


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