Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 ORYZA Training Program for Beginners

The training program on version 3 of ORYZA, a system analysis tool for rice production, was held at the IT Learning Center in IRRI on 31 March-4 April 2014.

There were 24 training participants from Bangladesh, India, Sugar Regulatory Administration and IRRI Headquarters.

The training aimed to help the participants become familiar with the basic structure and functions of the newly released ORYZA version 3. The program also aimed to explain data preparation for modeling studies, setting of parameters, calibration of the model, interpretation of output, and analysis of different crop management scenarios.

ORYZA is an important tool that scientists can use to extrapolate their research results, verify various hypotheses prior to possible experimentation, evaluate the impacts of climate change, rice variety, and technology dissemination on rice production, and aid in rice breeding.

The training team at IRRI is composed of Tao Li, Ando Radanielson, Olivyn Angeles, Man Marcaida, and Mahlie Manalo, with Lolit Adriano as secretary.

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