Wednesday, May 28, 2014

IRRI researchers win awards at CSSP 44th Annual Scientific Meeting

IRRI researchers garnered several awards during the 44th Crop Science Society of the Philippines (CSSP) Annual Conference held on 12-16 May in Cebu City. Around 260 crop scientists, extension specialists, and professors from both the public and private sectors all over the country gathered to present their latest research results, outputs, and products in 69 papers and 120 posters with the this year’s theme, Harnessing Biodiversity and Biotechnology for Climate Change Adaptation.

Best Poster (Downstream Research)

Development of direct-seeded rice varieties with tolerance to flooding at germination and early seedling growth  Carlos Casal, John Carlos Ignacio, Abdelbagi M Ismail, and Endang Septiningsih (PBGB)

Best Poster (Technology Extension, Dissemination and Education)

WeRise prototype for climate change adaptation in rainfed rice areas of Southeast Asia: 
a progress report 
Anita A. Boling, Lizzida P. Llorca, Jessa G. Perez,  Ruth Agbisit,  Keiichi. Hayashi, Archie R. Llorca, Tsutomu Ishimaru, Hirofumi Sakuma, Hideto Fujii, Chay Bounphanousay, Khamphone Mounlamai, Prihasto Setyanto, Ismail Wahab, Flaviana Hilario, Benjamin K. Samson, Zulkifli Zaini, and David E. Johnson.

Best Paper (Downstream Category)

Rice area mapping and yield estimation for crop insurance in Leyte Province
Mary Rose Mabalay, Andy Nelson (IRRI), Tri Setiyono (IRRI), Eduardo Jimmy Quilang, Aileen Maunahan (IRRI), Prosperidad Abonete, Arnel Rala (IRRI), Jeny Raviz (IRRI), Roman Skorzus, Jimmy Loro, Francesco Holecz, Massimo Barbieri, Francesco Collivignarelli, and Stefano Monaco.

Two IRRI scientists and an IRRI alumni were also recognized for their outstanding achievements:

The 2014 CSSP Achievement Award in Research Management: Dr. Glenn Gregorio

In recognition of his rice breeding efforts and excellent leadership in directing a large research team resulting to at least 19 released stress tolerant varieties in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and other rice growing countries in Asia and Africa.

The 2014 CSSP Achievement Award in Research: Dr. Edilberto RedoƱa

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to plant breeding and genetics research with highly relevant and contemporary outputs generating huge impact to Philippine and international agriculture.

The 2014 Sant S. Virmani Hybrid Rice Award: Dr. Frisco Malabanan (former IRRI researcher)   

In recognition of his significant contribution in advancing hybrid rice technology, 
specifically to small rice farmers.

Dr. Paul Teng, former IRRI scientist and currently Professor of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Chair, ISAAA Board of Trustees, delivered the keynote speech. Plenary speakers included Dr. Rex Navarro (CGIAR Program on CCAFS), Atty. Roberto Oliva (ASEAN Center for Biodiversity), and Dr. Nina Gloriani (Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines).

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