Monday, April 28, 2014

Sokor RDA and IRRI ink new set of projects

Representatives of the Rural Development Authority of the Republic of Korea, and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) met at IRRI headquarters, 21 April 2014, to assess the progress of the 2012-2013 collaborations and to develop the 2014-2015 RDA-lRRl collaborative work plan, which includes the approval of new project proposals.

Acknowledged during the meeting is IRRI’s productive partnership with RDA. Representatives expressed excitement over the forthcoming collaborations between the two organizations. The meeting also highlighted the increasing leadership and contributions of the Republic of Korea in supporting other national agricultural research systems in Asia and Africa.

Among the priority areas of research in the new agreement are the development of abiotic stresses and disease tolerance in temperate japonica, and the development of rice cultivars with tolerance to high temperature.

RDA's Department of Rice and Winter Cereal Crop general director, Ki-Hun Park, and IRRI Deputy Director General for Research Matthew Morell were signatories to the agreement.

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