Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ambassador of Vietnam affirms IRRI’s work and contribution to the country’s rice sector

Together with five officials from the Vietnam embassy in the Philippines, the Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Philippines visited IRRI on Wednesday to learn more about the Institute and explore its facilities.

H.E. Truong Trieu Duong expressed his admiration for the Institute’s contributions to the country’s rice sector. “Your work has helped save millions around the world. We appreciate all your endeavors.” he said. In his speech, Ambassador Duong stated his country’s strong reliance on rice and delighted to learn that IRRI has a good knowledge of rice production in Vietnam.

Bruce Tolentino, deputy director general for communication and partnership, welcomed the Ambassador and embassy officials with a presentation of the Institute’s research agenda.

David Johnson, head of Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD), briefed them on collaborative projects with Vietnam such as Mot Phai, Nam Giam (1 Must, 5 Reductions) on good agricultural practices.

A discussion with scientists on IRRI-Vietnam projects and a visit to the key facilities at IRRI ensued.
Vietnam and IRRI have worked hand in hand in areas of varietal improvement, conservation of rice diversity, sustainable farming systems, and capacity building since 1963. As of 2012, 89 IRRI-bred lines have been released as varieties in Vietnam.

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