Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Women in rice farming to star at IRRI event

IRRI recognizes the crucial role of women in agriculture and food security, particularly in rice farming. In partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), the Institute will be hosting Women in rice farming, an event that gives tribute to women and their contributions to rice production, on 8 August 2013 at IRRI Headquarters.

“Filipino women in rice farming are very proud of the fact that they are not only the family’s treasurers but are partners with their husbands in decision-making on farm and household matters,” said Thelma Paris, leader of IRRI’s gender research. “They are thus potential contributors and beneficiaries of rice technologies through rice research.” 

“Through this event, women in rice-farming communities can gain more knowledge and skills related to new technologies, which can help them make sound decisions to better manage their rice production,” added Dr. Paris. “In this event, we are also giving tribute and recognition to women leaders and ’unsung’ workers in the fields, especially in arduous operations such as transplanting, weeding, harvesting, gleaning, and other value-adding activities that are crucial in achieving household and national food (rice) security.”

Women in rice farming will be attended by women farmers and women from the national and local government units, the academe, and the private sector. Activities will include a field tour of IRRI’s facilities; viewing of various women-friendly machinery developed by IRRI’s Postharvest Center; marketplace presentations of IRRI’s research projects; and an open forum where guests, scientists, and researchers can discuss different aspects of food security. There will also be a tour of the Riceworld Museum and a viewing of the exhibit, Feathers in the Fields: The Birds of IRRI.

The event is a highlight of IRRI’s celebration of the National Year of Rice 2013.

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