Tuesday, July 16, 2013

IRRI urges staff to eat brown rice

Brown rice has more Vitamin B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), and B3 (niacin) than white (milled) rice, as 60–80% of these vitamins are removed during the milling process to attain white or polished white.

As part of Nutrition Month celebrations in the Philippines, IRRI is promoting the consumption of brown rice among its employees. IRRI’s larger brown rice campaign is part of its activities in keeping with the country’s National Year of Rice.

The  week-long promo started on 15 July 2013 and is being carried out in all three cafeterias at the IRRI Headquarters. Concessionaires are offering a free serving of brown rice during lunch time if an employee buys a vegetable dish.

The brown rice promo comes with a three-point pledge and commitment to the principles of Nutrition Month: to not waste food, to try eating brown rice, and to add fruits and vegetables to one’s meal.

IRRI staff  are also invited to join the Kanin Get It photo contest, open until 31 July 2013, in which they may share photos of one another eating nutritious food, especially brown rice. Interested parties can send photos as entries by email to bulletin@irri.org.

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