Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IRRI promotes eating brown rice among its staff

In support of the ongoing celebration of Nutrition Month  and the National Year of Rice in the Philippines, IRRI is promoting the consumption of brown rice as part of Nutrition Month ‘pledges’ that include:

  • To not waste food, especially rice 
  • To try brown rice, and 
  • To add fruits and vegetables to the meal 

A week-long promo will be implemented in IRRI next week (15–19 July 2013) to encourage all staff members to buy a vegetable dish and get a free serving of brown rice from either the Filipino or the international food counters.

Brown rice, also known as unpolished rice, is now served as an option in all IRRI cafeterias every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As part of the brown rice promo, IRRI has also launched the Kanin Get It photo contest, in which IRRI staff may share photos of one another eating nutritious food, especially brown rice. Photos can be posted as entries at the International Rice Research Institute Google+ page until 31 July 2013. Winners will be notified through email.

To read more about the health benefits of brown rice, listen to the latest podcast, Rice and Nutrition by Michael Joyce on IRRI Radio or read Nourishing a nation by Alaric Francis Santiaguel  from the latest issue of Rice Today.

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