Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Media Day promotes tasty and nutritious rice

Twenty-nine members of the media, representing more than 20 agencies, attended IRRI’s Media Day, or Kanin Get It, 16 July 2013, at IRRI Headquarters. The event focused on promoting IRRI’s research on high-nutrient rice and grain quality.

“Kanin” is the Filipino word for steamed rice and is also a contraction of the word for eating it.

V. Bruce J. Tolentino, deputy director general for communication and partnerships, welcomed the media correspondents present.

A rice-tasting activity ensued, facilitated by Rochie Cuevas of the Grain Quality and Nutrition Center at IRRI.

Maria Bernardita Flores, assistant secretary of health and executive director of the National Nutrition Council, in a message, cited the Philippine government’s policies and programs already in place to address hunger and malnutrition, including the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2011–16, the country’s framework for nutrition improvement and a guide for all who want to be involved in nutrition action. Dr. Flores also touched on rice as part of a healthy diet.

Presentations were also given by Inez Hortense Slamet-Loedin, IRRI senior scientist, on high-nutrient rice research at IRRI; and Sarah Beebout, on heavy metals and rice.

Participants were taken on a tour of IRRI facilities including the International Rice Genebank, the Golden Rice screenhouse, and the Postharvest Unit.

The IRRI Media Day is part of activities in celebration of the Philippine Nutrition Month that has the theme Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan! (Together we can end hunger and malnutrition!).

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