Monday, May 27, 2024

IRRI scientists provide CLRRI researchers with advanced training on experimental designs and data analysis

CUU LONG DELTA RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CLRRI), 15 April 2024—In response to the need for capacity-building efforts, particularly in data analysis using modern tools and breeding approaches, researchers from CLRRI underwent a workshop on “Experimental designs and modern statistical data analysis”. It was conducted by IRRI scientists, as part of the project "Securing the Food Systems of Asian Mega-Deltas through Identification of Salinity Tolerant Genotypes in Vietnam".

Dr. Waseem Hussain, IRRI’s Lead Breeder for Late Maturity Rice Breeding and Dr. Mahender Anumalla, a rice breeder based in IRRI South Asia Hub, conducted the workshop attracting more than 60 participants from CLRRI’s various research units. The CLRRI leadership and researchers commended the program which is expected to boost CLRRI scientists' and researchers’ knowledge and further strengthen their pursuit for a more extensive research and development program.

A more comprehensive workshop that delves deeper into the topics is recommended by Dr. Nguyen Thuy Kieu Tien, CLRRI research team leader.


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