Thursday, May 23, 2024

Biometrical genetics workflow app demonstration at IRRI Headquarters

Dr. Giovanny Eduardo Covarrubias, head of the RBI’s Breeding Analytics and Data Management unit, welcomed participants from different research units across IRRI to highlight the importance of enabling scientists to do their own analysis to accelerate decision-making.

The Breeding Analytics and Data Management team within IRRI’s Rice Breeding Innovations department demonstrated firsthand their biometrical genetics workflow application (bioflow) at IRRI Headquarters.

The OneCGIAR biometrical genetics workflow, or pipeline, has been developed to facilitate the understanding and application of evolutionary forces — such as mutation, gene flow, migration, and selection — through automatic and state-of-the-art genetic evaluations. This system is designed to be database-agnostic, allowing seamless data retrieval from various phenotypic-pedigree databases (EBS, BMS, BreedBase), genotypic databases (GIGWA), and environmental databases (NASAPOWER). The workflow integrates the phenotypic, genotypic, and environmental data sources to execute biometrical genetics analysis.

The event, held on 06 May 2024 and spanning an entire day, attracted 19 participants from various research units across IRRI. Expert statisticians Ms. Leilani Nora and Mr. Daniel Joseph Pisano, along with IRRI Scientists Ms. Alaine Gulles and Ms. Justine Dayrit, led the training session. The demo aimed to equip scientists and research support staff with the skills to use the app and perform sophisticated analyses swiftly and efficiently, significantly enhancing data-driven decision-making processes.


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