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IRRI and Rikolto Collaborate To Equip Indonesian Rice Farmers with Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP) 2.0 for Sustainable Crop Management

(SURAKARTA, Indonesia, 20 - 21 February) - The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and its partner organization, Rikolto, are committed to improving the welfare of Indonesian rice farmers. In line with this, IRRI and Rikolto organized a two-day training program on LKP 2.0 (Layanan Konsultasi Padi) for 30 farmers representing four farmer’s organizations from Central Java and East Java. Among those 30 farmers, there were youth to support regeneration in the agriculture sector and women who play an important role in gender aspects to implement LKP recommendations. 

LKP (Indonesian version of Rice Crop Manager) is a digital tool that provides field-specific nutrient & crop management recommendations adapted from the principles of Site-Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM). LKP recommendations are based on previously obtained yields, field conditions, and the farmer’s current management practices. LKP aims to optimize nutrient and water management to improve yields and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through SSNM and Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) practices. 

“LKP aligns well with Rikolto’s rice program which aims to improve the welfare of farmers through the use of Sustainable Rice Platform standards in rice cultivation to minimize the impacts of climate change. Keeping up with technology is also important these days, especially since most farmers have their own smartphones. Smartphones can be used not only for entertainment and communication purposes but also for finding useful agricultural information such as LKP.” said Nana Suhartana, Rikolto’s Rice Programme Manager.

The training provided participants with basic knowledge of nutrient and water management, LKP, and hands-on experience on how to interview a farmer using the LKP tool and generate LKP recommendations. Fifteen rice farmers were invited to participate in the hands-on interviews. “I look forward to sharing the knowledge and skills I gained from this training with my fellow farmers. Our cooperative would like to learn about new technologies such as LKP that promote sustainable agricultural practices,” noted Cici Dwi Rahayu, a farmer from the Production Cooperative of  Amarta Padi Blitar, East Java, after the training.

The trained farmers will train their fellow farmers from their respective Farmers Cooperatives and will provide them with LKP recommendations for their specific fields. Farmers who will receive the recommendations will be encouraged to use it in their rice fields during the upcoming planting season. The farmers will receive guidance throughout the season through field visits and meetings. The trainees presented their action plan to follow up on the next step after the training and all cooperatives will implement LKP recommendations by the end of April. 

The success of this LKP training underscores IRRI and Rikolto’s commitment to advancing agricultural innovation, ensuring sustainable agricultural practices, and improving the lives of rice farmers in Indonesia.

The Rice Crop Manager Indonesia Project is being implemented by IRRI in collaboration with Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture - BSIP, and other private entities, with funding support from South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.


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