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IRRI visits Central Java, Indonesia: promoting partnerships and field trials

(SEMARANG, Indonesia, 22 February) - Rice Crop Manager (RCM) Indonesia Project team members from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Badan Standardisasi Instrumen Pertanian (BSIP) Food Crops, and Balai Penerapan Standar Instrumen Pertanian (BPSIP) Central Java visited key partners in Central Java, Indonesia, to discuss the progress and challenges in project implementation of the IRRI-developed digital app, locally known as Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP).

Central Java is among the eight provinces where development, upgradation and dissemination of LKP are being implemented. LKP is a digital tool that provides site-specific nutrient and water management guidelines for rice production.

During the visit to Balai Penyuluhan Pertanian (BPP)/Agricultural Extension Center Pringapus, Elimius Rudy Suparsono Rahindroyoko, BPP Pringapus Coordinator noted, “We have a limited number of extension workers which makes extension service delivery challenging. Aside from agricultural information, they also disseminate fisheries and livestock information. A digital tool such as LKP can help improve our work efficiency.”

The team also visited two farmer cooperators, Pujiyanto and Ngarbi Putra, who are implementing the Nutrient Omission Plot Trials and LKP upgradation evaluation experiments. Ngarbi Putra cited rat attacks and shortage of subsidized fertilizer as major challenges in implementing the experiments. Meanwhile, Pujiyanto said, “Farmers from other villages visit my field. Demo plots that can be showcased through a farmers’ field day would facilitate wider adoption of LKP.”

Arif Surahahman, BPSIP Central Java Head, reiterated their support as one of BSIP’s technical implementation units for the RCM Indonesia project. The feedback of partners and valuable insights gained from these visits will help improve the project implementation and LKP development, upgradation, and dissemination. The collaborative efforts between IRRI and BSIP highlight their commitment to overcoming challenges and advancing sustainable rice farming practices in Indonesia.

The RCM Indonesia Project is being implemented by IRRI in collaboration with Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture - BSIP, and other private entities, with funding support from South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.


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