Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Insights from Indonesian farmers and extension workers help enhance digital rice tool

(BOGOR,  Indonesia, 8 August) – Badan Standarisasi Instrumen Pertanian (BSIP) South Kalimantan and BSIP South Sumatera  conducted focus group discussions (FGD) and key informant Interview (KII) activities on 01 and 04 August, respectively, to enhance the  digital agriculture tool Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP).

LKP is digital app designed to recommend fertilizer applications for rice crops to farmers. The primary objective of the events was to gather valuable insights from farmers and extension workers to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and requirements in accessing digital agricultural tools. These valuable insights will be utilized to improve the reach and impact of  LKP across the country.

"The KII for extension workers  allowed us to better understand the current capacity in the trial locations and make it easier to identify things that needed to be done to increase the current capacity for the easier dissemination of LKP.” said Devanda Ayu Lidya Permata Putri, Assistant Scientist at IRRI Indonesia who served as one of the interviewers.

The topics covered in the interview were related to nutrient management, digital literacy, and their responses regarding LKP.

“Thanks to the resourceful interviewees, the interviews could be carried out smoothly and a lot of important information could be retrieved to develop LKP," Devanda said.

IRRI Indonesia's research team demonstrated the LKP to the participants who recognized the potential of the app to revolutionize their farming practices.

“I am interested in trying it out,” said Mr. Marjuni, a farmer from South Sumatera who  participated in the FGD. “If successful, it will influence other farmers to follow and use this LKP application.”

BSIP and IRRI work together to empower Indoneisan farmers and improve the agricultural landscape for a brighter and sustainable future.


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