Tuesday, April 28, 2015

IRRI-Bangladesh office celebrates Bengali New Year

The IRRI-Bangladesh office staff in Dhaka hosted a grand Bengali New Year (Pohela Boishakh) 1422. The event is celebrated from 14 to 15 April by Malayalis, Bengalis, and Tamilians who welcome the first day of their new year with great joy, colorful lights, and firecrackers.

The IRRI-Bangladesh office celebration, held on 13 April, featured cultural events, music and dance presentations, and a stage play. The festivities also included a fashion parade of the lungi (traditional men’s clothes) worn by male employees, a slogan competition, and raffle draw, followed by a wonderful feast mostly contributed by staff members.
There were planned and spontaneous participation from all staff and consultants who contributed their goodwill and support. The New Year party was also an occasion to discover hidden talents of many employees such as the musically inclined Accounts Officers and the terpsichorean skills of the consultants.

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