Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Postproduction-to-market course on rice starts at IRRI

For decades, millions of rice farmers lose up to 30% of the crop between harvesting and getting the rice to the market—a significant loss that affects their income and livelihood. On 28 October-8 November 2013, 23 representatives from the research, extension, NGOs, and private sector across eight countries came to IRRI for the Rice: Postproduction to Market training course that seeks to tackle postharvest losses.

The course was developed to provide knowledge and skills that will help rice postproduction actors reduce postharvest losses and increase rice value, and impart insights on related issues.

Its coverage includes various technologies and management options for harvesting, threshing, cleaning, drying, storage, milling, processing, and marketing of paddy into high-quality seed and grain; and field activities. Participants were also taught to develop business plans and project proposals that they can use to create a rice-based enterprise in their organizations.

The course is offered yearly to help rice postproduction value-chain actors deal with postharvest challenges and issues. Due to growing interest in the course, two batches will be offered in 2014 (April and October).
Interested parties can inquire through IRRITraining@irri.org.

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