Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rice research in good hands as young IRRI scientists come together

IRRI's young scientists, as well as their more experienced colleagues, have come together for the 2012 IRRI Young Scientists Conference (IYSC) to share their work and insights on rice research, 8-9 November 2012 at IRRI Headquarters in Los BaƱos.

The conference is driven with the theme, Sustaining excellence in rice research, which hints of the current status of research in agriculture in general and rice in particular.

IRRI Director General Robert Zeigler expressed enthusiasm for the event, saying that IRRI's future rests a lot on this new generation of scientists.

"Without a crop of vibrant, intelligent, dedicated, and caring young scientists, IRRI would not have a future," Dr. Zeigler said in the foreword of the 2012 IYSC abstract book. "Armed with knowledge gained at IRRI, the unique experience they get here, and valuable professional relationships they foster, our current batch of young scientists, I believe, will continue this legacy of contributing to a better world through rice science."

Likewise, Achim Dobermann, IRRI's head of research, said that IRRI needs to anticipate needs in the value chain decades from now. "Young scientists must play a leading role in such efforts and thus help shape a new image for modern agriculture," Dr. Dobermann said.

Presentations of abstracts will cover these areas of rice science: crop improvement, crop protection, extension, marketing and policies, environment and sustainability, genetics and genomics, and innovations and novel approaches.

The conference will also celebrate 50 years of scholarship and training at IRRI. An exhibit for this celebration is located at the breezeway in Harrar Hall, IRRI.

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