Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GRiSP oversight committee holds second meeting

The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) Oversight Committee (OC) held its second annual meeting at IRRI on 13 October 2012, right after the GRiSP Global Science Forum.

The GRiSP Program Planning and Management Team also participated in the meeting, during which the following issues were raised:

  • Differing views on future changes in the rice sector
  • Role of mechanization
  • Transformation of rice supply chains in Asia
  • Changing roles of public and private sectors in responding to farmers’ needs
  • How more small farmers can be reached
  • GRiSP as a portal and guiding principle for rice R&D
  • Emphasis on theme linkages
  • Emphasis on partnerships
  • Need to review monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework
  • Need to review gender strategy
Kei Otsuka was nominated vice chair of the GRiSP OC, which also established a Nominating Committee composed of five members.

The OC plans to conduct a mid-year virtual meeting to discuss the progress of GRiSP.

The next OC annual meeting will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon, in October 2013, right after the AfricaRice congress.

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