Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three CGIAR centers conclude testing of new system at IRRI headquarters

IRRI, International Potato Center, and WorldFish wraps up the month-long (25 June-25 July) integrated testing of One Corporate System (OCS) held at IRRI Headquarters.

Key OCS users from IRRI’s human resources, project management, and finance units were given a special walk-through on the system's basic functionalities.

The series of tests was carried out by system builders with the assistance of consultants from UNIT 4. During the tests, system builders based at IRRI, led by Eric Clutario, put in working time that overlapped with those based around Asia and Peru, where CIP headquarters is located.

After the system test, IRRI system builders and key OCS users will be doing OCS localization, user acceptance testing, and end-user training over the next several weeks.

OCS is a new system aimed at helping improve the efficiency of IRRI's processes and increase collaboration among CGIAR centers. It will be implemented at IRRI headquarters in a phased rollout starting October 2012.                
Updates and more information available on the OCS website.

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