Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pakistan: CSISA convinces more farmers to use zero-tillage technology for direct seeded rice

Zero-tillage famer Muhammad Asif
The Cereal System Initiative South Asia (CSISA) is promoting zero-tillage technology for direct seeded rice (DSR) at a few places in and outside Pakistan.  Zero-tillage for DSR, which reduces cost of production while increasing crop yields and farmers’ profits, has been successfully demonstrated through various CSISA traveling seminars and outreach programs.

The practice, where the field is unplowed, is a different approach to conventional rice planting and many farmers are hesitant to try it. The CSISA team, however, convinced Mr. Muhammad Asif, a farmer in Sheikhupura District to try it on a half acre plot. Despite some problems and damages from grazing livestock, Mr. Asif saved more than PKR5,000 in planting cost. He plans to use the technology on 50 acres of his land next year. His neighbors are also considering using zero-tillage for DSR next year.

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