Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filipino scientists' group recognizes excellent scholars, announces new grantees

The IRRI Filipino Scientists Association (IFSA), Inc., held its annual Scholars’ Day on 7 July 2012 to welcome its new scholars and recognize current ones with outstanding academic performance.

Nine scholars attended the event. Jireh Vic Lubigan, a T.T. Chang grantee and PBGB thesis scholar, gave a short message to fellow scholars, emphasizing the importance of dedication and passion for the field of study. 

An open discussion ensued to elicit inquiries, concerns, and ideas from the scholars.

Stipends were distributed during the program to two newly admitted scholars for the D.S. Brar grant.

IFSA manages financial grants that benefit academically outstanding and financially needy high school and college students who are dependents of IRRI staff. The grants come from philanthropic foundations, such as the Don Manuel Galatas Foundation, former IRRI staff (T.T. Chang, K.C. Ling, Y. Hayami, S. Bhuiyan, and D.S. Brar), and from IFSA, through fundraising activities.

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