Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First offering of RDM 201 training course held

The first offering of Research Data Management 201: Advanced SQL started today (17 July 2012) at the I.T. Learning Center in IRRI and will run for 3 half-days.

In this course, some advanced functions and queries that can be useful when building more complex applications were introduced. It will refresh participants on basic database management skills by defining and looking at the structure of the (preferred) relational model as compared to the hierarchal model of handling data.

Participants are also taught to identify denormalized data and correct data redundancy up to the third normal form (3NF). Fourteen (14) research staff and scholars coming from CESD, PBGB, GQNC-ASL, and SSD are participating in this pilot offering. All have undergone RDM 101 as a prerequisite. 

The RMQA-RDM 201 training team is composed of Menchu Bernardo, Icoy Mercado, and Dec Arreza.

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