Wednesday, September 27, 2023

IRRI and PSPN map lands and connect rice value chains for better farming practices

(BOGOR, Indonesia, 19 September) - The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) continues to seek ways to enhance Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP). One of IRRI’s efforts to enhance the platform was to meet with the Platform Sistem Pangan Nasional (PSPN) team from the Ministry of National Development Planning. The focus of this meeting was to explore potential collaboration between two innovative agricultural platforms: IRRI’s Rice Crop Manager (RCM) Indonesia known as Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP) and PSPN’s Sawahku.

Sawahku is a mobile application developed by the PSPN team from the Ministry of National Development Planning to help farmers and actors in the agricultural industry in managing agricultural practices. Marthen Gabriel, one of the PSPN team members, said “In Indonesia, we are trying to connect important actors in the agriculture industry in one app and this app is the answer. This app is not specifically made for rice farmers, but also for other farmers who plant other commodities as well as for other actors in the agriculture industry.”

PSPN team members and IRRI team members had the opportunity to present and experience each other's applications during the meeting. This opportunity provided valuable insights into the operation, the strengths, and limitations of each platform. There were also some similar features observed, such as the use of map plotting to help farmers identify which is the best approach to improve their land.

This alignment meeting and user experience activity helped the teams identify points for collaboration and mutual enhancement of each others’ products. The teams will be working together to identify how each product can help complement one another so that better support can be provided to local farmers. Both IRRI and PSPN teams are committed to exploring the full potential of this partnership.


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