Monday, July 4, 2016

Naga City agriculture officials visit IRRI

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines—Officials of the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) in Naga City and City Councilor Cecilia De Asis visited the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) on 16 June to learn about modern and traditional farming technologies.

A progressive city known for its agricultural roots and hardworking people, Naga City bagged the Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers Award in 2015. The award recognized the hard work and support of farmers, agricultural technicians, and local farm leaders in increasing productivity and income of rice farmers.

During their visit, the guests were given seeds of IRRI-developed rice varieties and toured the Riceworld Museum.

"The museum was an eye-opening experience for me," shared De Asis. “When you see traditional farm implements, they show how innovations started. It makes you realize how farmers then had much difficulty. Back then, you had to go through a lot just to be able to eat rice. But now, there are all these modern technologies, which make things easier.”

"You won't see many of these traditional implements even in the most remote villages anymore,” observed Maria Edna Bongalonta, officer-in-charge of Naga’s Agriculture Office. “Farmers are likely to dispose of them when they are no longer used. It's good that you were able to collect and preserve these artifacts for the younger generation.

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