Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Philippines: IRRI conducts training in ORYZA 3 rice modeling tool for advanced applications in rice research

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Training Center held a training program for the use of the ORYZA 3 rice modeling tool for advanced application studies at IRRI Headquarters on 10-14 November. The training aims to improve and extend the skills of researchers in using ORYZA 3 for managing large scale simulations, climate change studies​, evaluation of ​breeding lines, and crop management optimization.

ORYZA 3 is the latest version of the modeling tool which simulates growth and development of rice under wider range of environments after thorough testing of hypotheses through field experiments, extrapolating observed data through simulations, and converting simulation results to decisions through practical information. It was calibrated and validated for 18 popular rice varieties in 15 locations throughout Asia.

The training was attended by participants from Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Uruguay, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and IRRI.

The ORYZA 3 training was conducted by Tao Li, Ando Radanielson, Olivyn Angeles, Man Marcaida, and Mahlie Manalo, with Lolit Adriano as secretary.

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