Monday, September 15, 2014

IRRI celebrates the future leaders in rice research at the first Scholars’ Day

IRRI celebrated the first Scholars’ Day on 10 September in honor of the 192 undergraduate and graduate scholars who came to the Institute to work on their MS or PhD degrees. Every year, Scholars’ Day will provide IRRI scholars with the opportunity to develop rapport with fellow scholars and enjoy the friendships, diversity, and the living and learning experience during their stay.

IRRI’s Training Center hosted the day-long event that started with breakfast with Director General Robert Zeigler and other officials of the Institute. “IRRI is on the right track in attaining the desired number of scholars this year that would significantly contribute to IRRI in achieving its goals,” said Dr. Noel Magor, head of IRRI’s Training Center, as welcomed the group.

“IRRI scholars have an important role in making new discoveries and improving the livelihood of rice farmers,” said Dr. Zeigler. He also expressed his respect to the scholars and acknowledged the personal sacrifices they made in order to pursue their advanced education.

Meanwhile, Dr. Matthew Morell, deputy director general for research, emphasized the need for scholars to enhance their communication skills. “This will help engage people into their work and help understand the challenges they are facing,” Dr. Morell said.

Other activities include a workshop on basic leadership skills conducted by The Center for Leadership and Change; a basic training on presentation skills facilitated by Ms. Ma. Socorro Arboleda, Training Center’s senior specialist; and building online social networks presented by Mr. Gerardo Laviña , Communication’s senior specialist on web architecture and design. Scholars’ Day also featured fun games, dinner, and socials.

Since 1964, over 15,000 scientists have been trained to conduct rice research. IRRI scholars have become ministers, secretaries, and heads within the national research and extension systems. Many have also become leading scientists all over Asia.

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