Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Phenotyping workshop to be held in Montpelier

The 3rd GRiSP Phenotyping Network Workshop will be held at CIRAD in Montpellier, France, on 24-28 March 2014. About two years, or four experimental seasons, into a global program of diverse phenomics research on rice, the network hopes to take stock of some exciting results and formulate a sharpened vision for the future.

The network aims to discover and characterize new components in the genome of cultivated rice that may help improve yield potential and adaptation to environmental constraints, including those related to the changing climate.

For this, jointly agreed-on panels of genotypes representing the genetic diversity of rice are phenotyped in the field and in controlled environments for multiple traits of interest, through a multipartner consortium committed to sharing resources and results.

The workshop will bring together scientists from IRRI, CIAT, AfricaRice, IRD, and CIRAD, as well as from national partners, universities, and the private sector. A three-day program of scientific stock-taking and exploration of new directions will be followed by two days of discussing the methods and technical strategy for the network.

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