Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Division showcases decision-support tools in IT exhibit

Five decision-support tools developed by various teams at IRRI’s Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) were the highlight of the CESD Got IT exhibit that opened 4 March.

“The IT tools represented in this exhibit are the result of years of work, and gradually evolved from paper- to web-based tools,” said David Johnson, CESD head, addressing some 130 IRRI staff. “We want you to think of how these tools might apply to your work, how they can help you be more precise, and be inspired to make more out of your data.”

The featured tools were ORYZA (formerly ORYZA2000), Rice Crop Manager, a WeRise (Weather-Rice-Nutrient integrated decision-support system) prototype, Online Climate Database, and Field Calculator.

ORYZA, now on its third version, simulates rice growth and development and is a decision-making tool for rice breeding, resource management, and assessment of climate change and socioeconomic impacts on rice production.

The Rice Crop Manager is a farmer-oriented and science-based tool that offers advice on crop management to help farmers increase their income.

The WeRise prototype integrates seasonal weather forecasts and real-time weather data with the field-tested ORYZA2000 model and nutrient management tools (such as Nutrient Manager for Rice-PHSL in Indonesia) to provide quick advice to farmers, researchers, and extension workers on e.g., optimum planting time, variety to use, and amount and timing of fertilizer application in rainfed rice areas under current and future climate conditions.

The Online Climate Database provides weather data since 1979, following standard recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization. Recently, the database, through the Weatherlink mobile app, started contributing real-time data to world weather data.

The newly developed Field Calculator aims to help farmers visualize the economic and environmental impacts of a new technology on rice production should they adopt it.

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