Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Plant biology professor is guest in researchers’ lunch

The monthly Young Researchers Lunch hosted Tim Colmer, professor of plant biology at the University of Western Australia, on 8 October 2013. Dr. Colmer's work focuses on plant response to flooding but includes anatomy and ion and oxygen flow in plants. He was at IRRI to attend the conference of the International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis.

Dr. Colmer and the young scientists present had an interesting discussion about root anatomy and how plants survive flooding. He also gave the group advice, such as on the importance of forming hypotheses for experiments and how chance interactions with other scientists can pave the way for opportunities. Participants were Ma. Ruby Burgos, Niteen Kadam, Zennia Jean Gonzaga, and Ranee Mabesa.

The Young Researchers Lunch is a monthly meeting for scientists at IRRI who are in the early stages of their career. It aims to provide an opportunity for discussion with senior scientists on a range of topics on science, including career path.

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