Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Biotech advocate from U of Georgia visits IRRI

Wayne Parrott, professor of crop science at the University of Georgia in the USA, recently visited IRRI headquarters to learn more about the Institute’s work on biotechnology. 

Dr. Parrott came to the Philippines to do a series of public seminars organized by the US Embassy in Manila as part of its 2013 Biotech Outreach Program. On the same day of his visit to IRRI, he gave a special seminar titled Biotech tools for smarter agriculture at the SEARCA Auditorium inside the campus of the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos. 

Part of Dr. Parrott's advocacy on public communication of agriculture biotechnology is to highlight the main conclusion to be drawn from more than 130 research projects over more than 25 years, involving more than 500 independent research groups, that biotechnology—GM, in particular—is not per se riskier than conventional plant breeding technologies. 

Read more about IRRI’s work on Golden Rice.

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