Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Local police chiefs and IRRI commit to keep community secure

The chiefs of police from the three municipalities that host the IRRI Headquarters met with key IRRI officers on 8 February to discuss shared security concerns and responsibilities.

P. Supt. Conrado Masongsong (Los Baños), PCI Pastor Castillo (Bay), and PO Flores (representing PCI Jesson Bombasito, Calauan chief of police) were welcomed by V. Bruce J. Tolentino, IRRI deputy director general for communication and partnerships.

Other IRRI officers in the meeting were Julian Lapitan (National Programs Relations), Glenn Enriquez (Safety and Security Services), Eugeniano Perez III (Legal Office), Joyce Finegan (Human Resource Services), Hiram Gomez (Supply Chain Services), George Cinconiegue, Jr. (Transport Services),
Ria Anna Dimapilis (Events, Visitors, and Exhibits Office), and Sylvia Avance (Host Country and Community Relations Office).

Discussion covered shared concerns on public safety and security. The process highlighted the participants' mutual commitment to work together to maintain peace and order for the community as a whole. This is a special concern in the communities surrounding UPLB and IRRI, as there are many young students and researchers from as many as 31 foreign countries working at IRRI.

The police chiefs and the IRRI participants exchanged congratulations on their respective and continuing efforts to keep the local community secure. Each pledged to keep in continuing communication, and shared detailed contact information by telephone, cellphone, and hotline.

To further inform and involve IRRI staff in shared security matters, Dr. Tolentino invited LB Police Chief Masongsong to speak in an upcoming IRRI Seminar.

The police chiefs also thanked IRRI for maintaining communication and a close working relationship with their forces. They added that they are working hard to upgrade their police capacities to come up to standard benchmarks. Currently, there is a low ratio of police to the number of civilians (1 per 1,000 in Los Baños, where the ideal ratio is 1 per 500). 

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