Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Indonesia: Asian countries get help in use of crop modeling for rice production

IRRI delivered a crop modeling training, one of a series, in Indonesia as part of efforts of the RIICE Project to help Asian countries monitor rice production using space-borne remote sensing combined with a biophysical crop model.

The RIICE—or Remote sensing-based information and Insurance for Crops in Emerging economies, or RIICE (http://www.riice.org)—Project aims to develop a system that will merge satellite-based observation using the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging system and crop simulation modeling to estimate actual rice yield and production in South East and South Asian countries.

Thirteen scientists from various Indonesian research institutes were presented the latest version of the ORYZA2000 crop modeling tool and taught crop modeling principles pertaining to the mechanism used by the model on estimation of yield potential against given environmental and soil conditions.

While the methodology is being developed, the training series tookplace in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia—key partners of the project—to help local scientists process SAR data to generate rice area and phenology maps and do crop modeling.

The training event was held at the Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development or ICALRD, one of the research and management units under the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, on 28-31 January 2013. 

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