Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three board members leaving at end of 2012

By the end of 2012, three Trustees complete their tenures on the IRRI BoardJillian Lenné, Usha Zehr, and Mohammed Syeduzzaman

At the dinner hosted by BoT Chair Emerlinda Roman, the Board expressed their deep gratitude to the departing members for their distinguished service.

Jillian Lenné
Dr. Lenné was praised for her work as chair of the Program Committee and for her work ethic, calm demeanor, profound modesty, and the quiet authority she exuded that helped the Board navigate through the various issues faced by the program committee. 

M. Syeduzzaman
Dr. Roman pointed out Mr. Syeduzzaman’s strong record of service to the governments of Pakistan and then Bangladesh.

As member of the Board, Mr. Syeduzzaman took his duties as chair of the Finance Committee very seriously and worked to mobilize significant funding for IRRI research from the Bangladeshi government and private sector.

Usha Barwale Zehr
Dr. Zehr was praised as a person of multiple talents who sees both details and the big picture in issues brought before the Board.

Dr. Roman described Dr. Zehr as "one who at one moment is strongly arguing a point and then the next a mother talking fondly of her sons." Dr. Roman adds that "she has the gift of articulation but expressed with a combination of clarity, poise, and passion."

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