Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IRRI Toastmasters Club forms Los Baños counterpart

The IRRI and Los Baños Community Toastmasters Clubs (TMCs) hosted a joint induction of new members and a charter presentation on 22 October, held at the IRRI Dining Room.

The Los Baños Community TMC is newly organized by the IRRI TMC for professionals in the surrounding communities who are interested in honing their communication and leadership skills.

The event carried the 'parade of nations' theme, with guests and members wearing national costumes of UN member countries.

V. Bruce J. Tolentino, deputy director general for communications and partnerships, in his inspirational speech, emphasized the values of passion, planning, being pragmatic, and achieving pleasure from 'positively accomplished' projects.

Guests were Ma. Luisa Joven, Area 78 governor, who gave the opening message; Emily Hagad, Division K governor, who administered the oathtaking of the club members; and Grace Paras, District 75 governor, who conducted the chartering of new officers of the LB Community TMC.

District 75 comprises all the Toastmasters Club in the Philippines. Both IRRI and LB Community TMCs belong to Area 78, Division K.

Grace Centeno and Vini Cadiz are presidents of IRRI and LB Community TMCs, respectively.

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