Thursday, November 9, 2023

Hai Phong officials trained on the use of RiceMoRe for efficient, accurate, and standardized reporting

Hai Phong City, Vietnam - A ground-breaking software tool called RiceMoRe (Rice production activity monitoring and reporting system) was introduced to officials from the sub-department of Crop Production and Plant Protection and the Agricultural Extension Center of Hai Phong City.

The officials from the sub-department recently underwent specialized training to use RiceMoRe. The software aims to streamline the rice production management process, reducing manual errors, and enabling a more efficient data entry and reporting system.

Developed by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in collaboration with the Department of Crop Production (DCP) and the Center for Agricultural Digital Transformation and Statistics (DTS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), RiceMoRe provides a platform for standardizing and recording time-series rice production activities and the adoption of low-emission practices.

In his opening message, Mr. Ngo Trung Kien, Director of the Sub-department of Crop Production and Plant Protection of Hai Phong City, highlighted the significance of digitalizing the rice production management process. He emphasized that while RiceMoRe is a digital tool, the practical expertise of its users is still important. The proper use of the software by key officials at both local and departmental levels will ensure accurate data input, leading to robust reporting and decision-making processes.

Mr. Pham Van Thuyet from the Division of Food Crops at DCP, MARD, explained that the purpose of RiceMoRe is to facilitate quick data updates and support data tracking and comparison across different years. The software can be used on mobile phones and computers with internet access, significantly enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Dr. Bui Tan Yen, a scientist at IRRI, conducted a demonstration of the RiceMoRe system and highlighted the underlying issues with the current monitoring and reporting systems. These issues, such as inconsistent reporting formats and time-consuming data synthesis, can be effectively addressed by RiceMoRe. The system ensures the extraction and synthesis of accurate and comprehensive data, while also providing automatic information mapping for efficient rice production management and timely decision-making.

During the training session, participants suggested updating the latest rice varieties database, expanding the system to also monitor pests and diseases, and improving the commune-level reporting interface.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Ngo Trung Kien stated that further work is needed to fully implement RiceMoRe, with communal and district levels reporting feedback to departmental leadership and the People's Committee. Clear task assignments and effective communication channels will be established to ensure smooth operation and support for users of the software.

RiceMoRe represents a significant step forward in rice production management and reporting. By leveraging technology, standardizing data, and improving efficiency, RiceMoRe will contribute to better decision-making, support the development of the MRV for rice, and the successful achievement of low-emission goals in the agricultural sector.

A New Zealand Government-funded partnership with IRRI in support of the objectives of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.


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