Tuesday, January 3, 2023

IRRI scientist Sugandha Munshi named “Iconic Woman Leader Creating a Better World for All”

IRRI scientist Sugandha Munshi was named Iconic Woman Leader Creating a Better World for All at the Women Economic Forum 2022 for her work on gender equality and small and marginal farmers. Dr. Munshi advocates prioritizing interventions such as climate change-resilient agricultural practices and serving small and marginal women farmers across the globe. 

“Women farmers are the backbones of the agriculture system yet they are left behind,” she said during her address for the Bridge the Gap: Agenda for G20. “We need to fill the gender data gap in agriculture and share stories of efforts, success, and challenges faced by women farmers. We need to make the agriculture sector inclusive where women farmers are given equal opportunity. We need to provide them with a level playing field related to resources, opportunity, and knowledge creation for improved productivity, less drudgery, and improved income.” 

The awarding was held in New Delhi, India on 27-31 December.


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