Monday, December 19, 2022

RBI Risk Management officers map out business continuity plans

In an effort to align towards a more efficient business process for 2023, the Risk Management (RM) team of the Rice Breeding Innovations (RBI) platform reconnected to conduct risk assessments and update their business continuity plans during the RM Annual Planning Workshop at the IRRI Guest House on 09 Dec 2022. RM Officers from the different units of RBI participated in the workshop facilitated by IRRI’s Risk Management Unit, led by Senior Manager Marichu Bernardo and Enrico Mercado.

Ms. Joie Ramos, the newly appointed team lead for RM in RBI, gave a short introduction and discussed the expectations of the workshop. Dr. Martina Castellion, Seed Health Unit (SHU) Research Manager, provided an overview of risk management during her opening message. “Risk management is everyone’s responsibility and doing it right prevents us from blaming anyone." said Castellion.

Dr. Shoba Venkatanagappa, the outgoing RM Lead of the RBI Platform, was also present and shared a few words of inspiration with the participants. She reminded everyone to make risk management fun and not think of it as a burden.

Marichu Bernardo spoke on business continuity management and the risks associated with research platforms before the workshop proper began. This discussion covered all of IRRI's research platforms.

The groups went into breakout sessions to complete their respective risk assessments and update their business continuity plans. At the workshop's conclusion, RM officers presented their results and solicited comments from the other attendees.


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