Tuesday, August 9, 2022

IRRI hosts breeding optimization workshop

The  CGIAR’s Excellence in Breeding (EiB) team convened to discuss product concepts and how different breeding tools and technologies can be used to optimize and strengthen breeding programs during the “Breeding Scheme Design and Optimization Methods Workshop” on 1-5 August at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

Dr. Hans Bhardwaj, Platform Leader, Rice Breeding Innovations at IRRI welcomed the delegates and highlighted the importance of this workshop. “This workshop is part of the ongoing efforts of EiB trying to help the CG centers in modernizing their crop breeding programs. Aim is to ensure that, first of all, breeders are aware of some of these new concepts, tools and approaches which are available now and then work with them hand in hand in integrating these in their routine work plan and that there is a common language when it comes to implementation of these approaches in breeding program management I always look at EiB as a think tank - a group of experts who are thinking on how we can do things differently and better than what we have been practicing for years,” said Dr. Bhardwaj. 

The workshop focused on the tools and methods in breeding design, techniques on applying quantitative genetics, program size and management of genetic variation and genomic predictions in CGIAR’s breeding program.

IRRI and the EiB team work together toward accelerating the modernization of crop breeding programs to benefit farmers from low- and middle-income countries. 


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